Hey, I'm Steph, an experienced writer, editor, and health coach who's obsessed with kombucha, chunky peanut butter, and the Oxford comma. Whether you need 500 words on the perks of collagen powder or a health coach to help you learn to love real food, I'm your gal. 


By day, I'm an editor at RodalesOrganicLife.com, where I dabble in everything from creating recipes for kombucha popsicles to writing articles about my experience with Lyme disease and what I eat to get my anxiety under control. Prior to that, I was an editor at Prevention magazine where, among other things, I coordinated and wrote our annual Cleanest Packaged Food Awards. I'm also a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Writing + Editing Services

Writing and editing is my jam, especially as it relates to health, nutrition, natural remedies, and self experimentation with new wellness trends (yes, I will be a guinea pig for you!). Got a print or digital assignment you think I'd be great for? Need some compelling copywriting? Shoot me an email and we'll chat about how we can work together. Check out my clips here.   

Health coaching Services

I operate under the philosophy that everyone has unique food and lifestyle needs, so you can be sure we’ll work together in a way that honors your personal goals, health concerns,  and tastes. I also specialize in low-sugar, whole-food based diets, including Paleo, and mindful eating. Here are the services I currently offer: