Paleo Challenge Day 2 Recap

Feelin' good. I mean, yes, I'm drinking too much coffee (it's one of those things I wanted to scale back on a bit), but when your job (and thus income and source of food) depends on it, you guzzle that Starbucks grande Americano down and don't look back #sorrynotsorry. Needless to say, I did not get enough sleep last night, nor will I tonight, because apparently I'm not meant to get rid of my under-eye circles. 

Anyway, I digress. Here's what I ate today! 


So, I have a buttload of apples (fun fact: buttload is an actual unit of measure...I'm not just being a crass millenial) from my parents' house in MA. They're good, but a little mushy, so I've been sauteeing them in coconut oil and adding cinnamon. Tastes like crustless pie. The other half of my breakfast was scrambled eggs. And coffee. Always coffee. 


Sorry, no picture, but I had 2 carrots sliced up and dunked in sunflower seed butter.


Arugula salad with an entire can of tuna, cashews, and raisins. And Kombucha, a delightful fermented tea low in sugar and full of gut-friendly probiotics. This stuff really hits the spot when you're craving something fizzy and sweet like soda, yet a bottle only has 4 g of sugar. It also helps you feel full. I know that from personal experience, and there's also been a bit of research showing that one of the acids in kombucha (acetic acid) helps boost satiety and curb cravings. Pretty rad. 


Small handful of cashews and some raisins. Not quite fancy enough to be called trail mix. 


My rando everything-I-had-in-my-fridge stir fry: grass-fed beef, broccoli, sweet potato, onions, raisins, cashews, curry powder. Surprisingly tasty. Sometimes winging it actually works out, which is nice. I saved some of my cooked ground beef for tomorrow. I might add it to an omelet or scrambled eggs with some greens for a nice filling breakfast. 

Mini Snack

A few cashews and raisins, just enough food to take the edge off of my hunger so I can sleep. 

How I'm feeling?

Pretty good. I mean, I eat like 80% paleo most of the time, which you know if you read my Prevention feature, so the changes I experience aren't going to be quite as drastic as they are for some of you who are following along. I do fall off the wagon a bit from time to time though (especially with the fifty bazillion weddings I've gone to recently), so doing a periodic challenge is how I hit the theoretical reset button. It readjusts my palate so I once again crave the really healthy stuff, and not those chocolate frosted cinnamon bun donuts (yeah, those are a thing) that literally call your name and beg you to eat them. 

That's all for now. Maybe I'll cook something delicious and post a recipes tomorrow. Or maybe I'll go to bed at a reasonable hour. Or maybe Milo will take over this blog and spam you with his incredible cuteness. Who knows. 

Peace, Love & Cute Pups,

Steph (&  Milo)