Paleo Challenge Day 7 & 8 Recap

We're a week in, folks. For those of you following along, give yourself a high five, or a pat on the ass, or back, or whatever you people do to acknowledge your greatness.

If you're someone who was eating relatively crappy before, well, you may be feeling pretty crappy now since you're body is in a major adjustment period (i.e. refined carb withdrawal). It's normal, promise! But if you can get through the next week without caving, you're golden. That's when many people who do a challenge like this start to notice the mental, emotional, physical perks of Paleo. 

Anywho, want to know what I ate? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway. Labor Day was weird, so I'm not going to break it down and show you pictures. There weren't really whole meals consumed. It was more like a nice bacon and egg breakfast followed by a steady stream of snacks. The boyfriend and I headed to a party where I stuck to baby carrots, gauc, olives, and a burger sans bun. I was pretty darn proud of myself since there was a plate with four different glorious kinds of cheese mere inches from my face. 

Today, I did a bit better in the whole eating and picture-taking department....


Today's lazy breakfast was lacking in protein (I'm trying to aim for about 20-30 g in the morning), but I had no time to make eggs. It was still delicious though and loads of healthy fats to help keep me full: Macadamia nuts, almonds, raisins, and unsweetened coconut flakes, plus a nectarine. And coffee, because duh.


Lunch was my leftover curry slurry. Except it wasn't gross this time. I added more curry powder, chicken, and salt, which seemed to fix things up nicely. Plus an apple. Later in the afternoon, I had a kombucha to help keep my mid-afternoon energy slump at bay, but after a while I resorted to having a few spoonfuls of sunflower seed butter. 


Dinner came after our semi-traumatic training session with Milo (for such a cute pup, he really can be a disruptive little ass sometimes), so I needed something easy and quick. These romaine lettuce tacos were perfect. Meat is simply cooked in olive oil with onions and seasoned with chili powder, cumin, and salt. Dollop on some mashed avocado and a little hot sauce and you're good to go. I definitely don't miss the taco shells. These work surprisingly well. Followed this up with another nectarine.

So day 8 is a wrap. Some goals for the coming 22 days: Eat more protein at breakfast, eat more leafy greens in general, and cut back on the fruit a little bit. Don't get me wrong, fruit is great, but I tend to reach for it when I should instead be loading up on more veggies. Plus, too much fruit makes me bloated, and that's no good. 

Peace, Love & Tacos,


P.S. This guy...